Food Waste, Food Surplus and Food Loss

We seek to understand how waste, loss and surplus arise across all points in the food supply chain, from farm to fork.

Our research is global in scope, addressing issues of food loss and waste in the UK and abroad. Through partnerships with governments, independent organisation and other research institutions, SheFF will provide impactful solutions to reduce food losses and waste in households and along production and supply chains.

Loss, surplus and waste

The transformation of seeds into edible food and food into waste are contentious moments. We will investigate the separation and transformation of food products from edible food to waste. Our approach allows insight into where it is best to prevent and reduce waste in a product’s life cycle (and in the overall supply chain), and how to best divert and treat ‘waste’ and excess; transforming wasted goods or by-products into useful and valued products Examples include:

Hunger, surplus and waste

While there is increasing awareness of the persistence of hunger globally, until recently hunger in wealthy nations has remained an unseen problem. Concurrently, the issue of food waste has become a visible problem in the Global North as well as in the Global South. This theme investigates relationships around hunger, food skills and food redistribution. Examples include:

The household, the organisation and solutions

We have a wealth of expertise, with multiple researchers utilising multiple theoretical tools to unpack the workings of households and third sector and commercial organisations, and offer solutions based on these theories.  Examples include: