Difference and equity throughout the food system

This theme addresses ethical issues and social action within our global food system. It explores conceptualisations and enactments of fairness in the supply chain and seeks to expose and interrogate moral issues which cross human, animal and environmental boundaries. In exploring difference and equity throughout the whole food system, we address the tensions and interlinkages embedded within many of the ideas which drive research in this area, including ‘food security’, ‘food justice’ and ‘food sovereignty’. We explore what is at play within these concepts, how they are mobilised and the winners and losers that emerge.

To address some of these issues, we employ a range of interdisciplinary approaches including political economy and ecology, human rights, agro-ecology, and economy and livelihoods. Current work combines the political economy of justice, rights, ethics and legitimacy with empirical projects related to measurements, community collaboration and lived experiences. Academics within the theme are also active in, and committed to, engagement activities and collaboration with non-academic partners at a local, national and international level.

Our research agenda includes, but is not limited to, investigating: